MAXX was born out of the idea that a luxury mattress can have the best support in the world and still look great. We searched our industry and others to find materials which were engineered for support, durability, and luxury over the lifetime of the mattress.  MAXX is designed to support your body; MAXX it is built to last. MAXX isn’t another one-size-fits-all mattress. MAXX is built to meet the need for great support in high style. 

MAXX is built to meet the need for great support in high style.


MAXX is a handcrafted, top-end piece of furniture that is built to last using highly tailored upholstery materials and techniques.  We achieved our distinctive look by using bespoke suits and the couture apparel as our muse.  MAXX carries this look though to the logo patch and hang tag which is an industry first.  



It all started in Vienna, Austria 5 generations ago. Our founder worked side-by-side with his father servicing the tailors of the metropolis. From a tailor supply shop in Vienna, Austria to founding Pleasant Ave., on a rural road in Fresno, California in 1959 to our state of the art facility just a few miles from Pleasant Ave., a lot has changed over the years, but one thing remains the same, we continue to exceed the expectations with our customers.  MAXX is no exception to that.  MAXX goes beyond the idea of generic “upholstered rectangles” and brings style and a unique vision you, our customers.  You can rest assured that at Pleasant Mattress we care about you. Our products are built to provide the best fit your unique sleeping needs.