Ingeniously over-engineered for years of support.

MAXX takes cues from traditional high-end mattress crafting; employing proven and durable coil engineering.
MAXX provides the true support your lifestyle requires with the craftsmanship that will truly last year after year.


sleep surface

The MAXX sleep surface uses 4-way stretch fabric and natural fibers near the body under which lies a high performance pairing of latex and ultra high density foams.


sag-free support

MAXX's remarkable durability comes from the use of foam-encased hinge-flex double offset coil and the Samson coil - both with the thickest wire in industry in their cataegories.  No sink or sag.



MAXX is dressed in handsome fabrics so your mattress looks great unmade or not. Under it all is an 18-slat foundation made from sustainably sourced lumber.



The MAXX sleep surface starts with ultra-high density foam in combination with select 100% natural latex.  Atop this base rests a soft-touch top layer of 4-way stretch polyester rayon blend fabric with an underlayment of wool.  This unique quad layer construction provides a highly durable sleep surface with just the right amount of give and spring-back response - with none of that sinking feeling.



MAXX’s remarkable durability comes from an updated approach to the tradition of using heavy-wire coils to form the support structure.  MAXX is available in two heavy wire coil systems: the hinge-flex double offset wire coil and the wrapped Samson coil - both with the thickest wires in the industry in their category - resulting in a strong quiet coil that is sensitive to body shape, with no memory foam sink or sag.





Handsome and inspired modern fabrics mean your mattress looks great unmade or not.

The foundation boasts 18 slats and is made from sustainability sourced lumber, kitted in an Amish workshop.